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Assert Yourself DVD

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Media Type: DVD + CD Guide
Run Time: 18 minutes
Grade Level: 9-12

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Product Description

Copyright 2006

Kai is being physically bullied and intimidated by Kevin and Jose. Dana is tormenting and taunting Tara about her weight. Both of them are feeling humiliated, hurt, and powerless to stop it. Kai’s friend Dylan witnesses the bullying but remains silent about it. Friends encourage Kai to seek help from their club adviser, who then steps in. Tara’s mother helps her see that she is not to blame for the harassment, and if she gets more involved at school with things she enjoys, she will feel better about herself and not “buy into” what Dana is saying about her.

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UPC 743452400225
ISBN 1-59443-152-3
Product Code 1004002

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