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Colonial Life for Children DVD Series

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Media Type: 9 DVDs
Run Time: 207 minutes
Grade Level: K-4

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These exciting dramatic presentations for children view the traditions of early colonial life through contemporary insights into the men and women who carried their dreams to a new life in America. Follow along in each dramatization as modern-day kids explore the sites of these settlements to learn what daily life was like for both colonists and Native Americans. Filmed at the actual historical locations, the series features three American colonies -- Jamestown, Plimoth Plantation and St. Augustine. Students will learn about the hardships of journeying to America and life in the colonies; clothing, food, shelter, games and customs of colonists and Native Americans; natural resources available in various regions; the relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists; systems of government established in each colony; and the indentured servitude system and slavery in the colonies. Teacher's Guides, which contain additional history of the colony, vocabulary words, discussion questions, follow-up activities and listings of recommended books & Internet resources, are included for several titles, and they are available online for all titles. Through its historical content and portrayal of the human spirit, Colonial Life for Children crafts the legacy of these early settlers into a personal experience that students and adults can share together.

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Product Code CE2264

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